Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Supporting at a marathon

Along with thousands of other people, I spent much of Sunday lining random streets of London and dashing around on the underground to support at the marathon. This was the third year that I'd been down and now consider myself pretty pro at finding decent spots to watch...here are my tips! 

1. Plan your route in advance. Your runner/s will know the course and it's probably even more important that you do too. London give out guides for supporters at the expo - get one! It'll be busy everywhere on marathon day and having a plan helps.

2. Decide if you want to spot everyone once or one person multiple times. You can't do both unless all your friends happen to run the same pace. This year my husband was running so for me it was all about seeing him as much as possible. That meant I also saw anyone who was quicker than him but no one who was slower than him because as soon as he came through I dashed off to the next place. 

3. If you want a front row spot, get there early. I claimed my first bit of pavement at 9 miles before the race had even started. 
4. Wear comfortable shoes, take layers and pack snacks - it's a long day! 

5. If you don't want to get there early, or for later miles, make friends with the marshals. One drinks station was manned by my club mates which meant a cheeky front row pass just in time for Paula to fly past. 

(Paula having a drink running past the arms of my friends - admit it, it's a great photo...) 

6. Find somewhere to touch out your Oyster card even if the barriers are open & the station staff tell you you don't need to on marathon day. You do & it costs you if you don't. 

7. Cheer and clap everyone, not just your friends, but cheer them extra loudly. 

8. Know that it's all about the runner you're there for but that they will really appreciate your efforts. 

Husband smashed his goal time & ran a huge PB with negative split - I am very proud :-) 

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