Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New beginnings

I haven't really felt like blogging since Brighton marathon. The whole focus of my blog for me had been to record my training and experiences leading up to my first marathon and since the highs of finishing have died down I've been a bit in limbo about what to do next, so I didn't want to blog for the sake of it. 

I had been looking forward to a #summerofspeed but since my 10K race things haven't gone to plan. My knee/hamstring felt niggly for ages and then I got a chest infection. I've had about 10 days off running and exercise and I'm off on holiday shortly so won't do that much when I'm away. A small part of me is worried that I'll lose all my marathon fitness but a much bigger part of me is enjoying relaxing - I think my body needed some proper time off and the chest infection forced me to provide it with just that. 

So what is next? Well I'm hoping that a holiday will reinvigorate me & that I'll come back desperate to run! Soon after I return I'm going to the Olympic Park for my training to be a Tour Maker when the Tour de France comes to Cambridge. I'm really excited about that & pretty sure it'll inspire me to focus on cycling again over the summer. Also in June, I should  run my 100th parkrun which will be awesome and will involve friends and cake. I may even try and PB into the 100 club if my legs and lungs are up for a challenge. Just to keep things interesting I've also signed up for a mini "try a triathlon" training event, so June is looking pretty good. I better carry on resting well in May!