Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Buggy Bootcamp

I've posted before about the physical challenges I've faced with returning to exercise after pregnancy, but another factor to consider is the lack of free time available to me. Classes that you can take babies to are therefore very appealing. I already do a postnatal mother and baby yoga class but wanted something a little more intense, so headed to the local church hall for my first BuggyBootcamp class.
(Photo from postnatal yoga - I have to share my mat these days!)

In warmer months the class is outside & ordinarily I love heading outside in all weathers. However, with the needs of a baby to consider, the indoor venue was great. I spread a blanket on the floor with some toys and baby Flo was (largely) happy to play by herself and watch what was going on. 

The class was led by Nicola who set up BuggyBootcamp (there is a similar class called BuggyFit) and she was great - she made an effort to use everyone's names throughout the class to give individual feedback or encouragement which made newcomers feel welcome and supported. We started with a fairly traditional warm up before moving into 4 sets of high intensity intervals. The exercises were relatively simple but quickly got my heart rate up which is exactly what I wanted after months of taking it easy. Nicola told me afterwards that every class is different which I think is good as otherwise the exercises could get a little repetitive. After the high intensity section, Nicola led a short core workout sequence followed by a series of stretches. I wasn't able to participate in this as by then Flo had started to grumble, but the core exercises were very similar to those I had enjoyed in Pilates. 

The atmosphere throughout was lighthearted and relaxed (babies tend to mean that has to be the case!) - breastfeeding there was fine & the hall had baby changing facilities. The first class was free but normally it is £7.50 per class or £60 for 10 classes (valid for 3 months) - not an insignificant sum when on maternity leave but in my opinion worth it for the ability to exercise properly.

Overall I think that BuggyBootcamp will help me get back to fitness and hopefully complement my running. I can recommend it to other mums - I've included the flyer for anyone local.  
Are there any other baby friendly fitness classes anyone can recommend?

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